The Wheeler Creek of today is a newly constructed 314-unit development consisting of 48 low-income family rental homes and 100 elderly rental apartments, both subsidized by public funds, 32 market-rate rental units, 30 lease/purchase units and 104 homes for purchase. Amenities include a 13,000 square foot community building including daycare center to support the needs of residents. The public housing and market rate units are intermixed and physically indistinguishable from one another.

The ease with which the respective units were rented or sold provides further support of the mixed-income concept employed at all of the DCHA HOPE VI sites. Wheeler Creek represents the first three properties included in the Gateway Strategy. The completion of Wheeler Creek, and the subsequent awards of HOPE VI funding for the other four Gateway properties, Henson Ridge, Capper Carrollsburg, Eastgate, and Capitol Gateway have sparked significant additional private investment into the community.